On March 6th, five incredible Wesley students left for a week long mission trip with Ferris State Universities Wesley. Once arriving in New Orleans, they spent the week volunteering with Camp Restore and creating bonds with each other. Over the course of the week, our students were able to…

Here is what they have to say upon returning home.

I’m Elizabeth Clark, a senior studying music and psychology and a student leader at Wesley@CMU. Over spring break, I served with other Wesley students in New Orleans. It was a very memorable experience. I enjoyed getting to volunteer in a variety of ways, especially walking dogs at the human society, recycling Mardi Gras beads, and planting trees. My favorite part of the trip was getting to form closer connections with my Wesley peers and creating new relationships with the students from the FSU Wesley!

Hello! I’m Tess Santoro, and I’m a sophomore studying biology and French, and I’m on the pre-veterinary track. Over spring break I traveled to New Orleans, and I had so much fun volunteering and connecting with God. My favorite day was the final day because in the morning we went to the Audubon Louisiana Nature Center where we planted 130 trees in under 2 hours! I felt the most fulfilled after that hard work and service. Then, afterwards, we spent hours with our new friends exploring downtown New Orleans, and it was amazing to experience a brand new city full of unique music, colors, and culture.

Hey I’m Aria and I’m a freshman voice major. Over spring break I traveled to New Orleans had the opportunity to do some service work where you could really see the direct impact. For example, day one we went to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter on the West Bank, and walked all the dogs. It was the first time all the dogs had been walked in a day for months. It was all a great reminder that showing God’s love comes in a lot of different forms. Sometimes it’s passive, like offering to pray for someone, but other times it’s active- using your skills to help people with things they can’t do on their own.

Hi I’m Jacob Brower and I’m a freshman at CMU studying secondary education. Over spring break I travelled to New Orleans in Louisiana and made some amazing memories. We helped out in the area in many ways, and two of my favorites were getting to design and rebuild an outdoor cat house at an animal shelter, and planting over 120 trees together! Though the coronovirus threw a few curve balls at us, overall the Ferris and CMU Wesley trip was a big success!

Hello, I am Madi. Our spring break trip did not go as expected, basically what could go wrong did go wrong, but in the end I really enjoyed the trip and would do it again in a heartbeat. The most memorable day for me was going to the local animal shelter and getting to walk all the dogs in one afternoon. It made me feel really good knowing that I could make a difference in a life, even if it was a dogs. I was able to get a lot closer to the student from CMU Wesley and made really good connections with the FSU Wesley students. I hope to keep in contact with the FSU Wesley and merge our wesleys together again sometime soon! 

We are so lucky to have such amazing students who share Gods love all everywhere they go. Here are some more fun pictures! Thanks to FSU for letting us join on this trip and we cannot wait for our next one!