Who We Are

OUR CORE VALUES Wesley at CMU is an open, authentic community committed to transformation in Christ’s way of loving justice. Our hope is for all students to know themselves as God’s beloved and to love God, neighbor, and creation in turn. As an open community, we welcome and love people of all gender identities and expressions, […]

Floors wear out.

The students of Wesley have decided to update the floor of the main room! This room serves as our sanctuary on Sunday mornings, and is used throughout the week for activities like meals, Swing Dancing, movie nights, and exercise, as well as special events throughout the year. The cost to maintain our 50+ year old […]

Board Members for Wesley 2019-2020

We have an amazing group of community leaders who are phenomenal and want to see Wesley thrive. The Wesley Board is composed of many individuals from local congregations and communities. Scott Marsh: Board Chair Carol Paquette: Board Member Sean Griffin: Board Member Curtis Jensen: Finance Chair Josh Jaggers: Vice Chair Board Member Analisa Guido: Board […]