Wesley at CMU is proud to be a part of the expansion of the Kalamazoo Wesley Foundation’s “Rethink Intern” program into the statewide EncounterMICall initiative. Below is a brief description of this project.


This project seeks to develop student leaders, spiritually grounded in the Wesleyan tradition of a personal faith lived out through social action, to faithfully serve the local church, as a means to discern a call to ministry. A disconnect between students and the local church, often leaves students without meaningful opportunities for leadership in the local church following graduation. Therefore, EncounterMICall will foster the transition of young adult participants in campus ministry to becoming engaged, emerging Christians in the local church. It will further provide assistance to local churches for the enhancement of ministry through a partnership between local churches and campus ministry. Through this cooperation young adults will have the opportunity to grow as a disciple, gain leadership skills, and have opportunities to explore their call to ministry in very real and tangible ways.

Central Purpose of “EncounterMICall”:

To develop young adult, student leaders spiritually grounded in the Wesleyan tradition by providing year-long, intentionally mentored, missional focused local church internships that will assist participants in encountering God’s call in their lives, strengthening their leadership skills, and deepening their Christian faith.


  1. Expand the Wesley Foundation of Kalamazoo’s “Rethink Intern Program” to 6 additional campus ministries throughout the State of Michigan: Central Michigan University Wesley Foundation(Mount Pleasant); Ferris Sate University Wesley Foundation (Big Rapids); Grand Valley State University Wesley Foundation (Grand Rapids); Michigan State University Wesley Foundation (East Lansing); Motor City Wesley (Detroit), University of Michigan Wesley Foundation (Ann Arbor).
  2. Recruit and place 30 young adult, campus ministry students at local churches.
  3. Strengthen capacity for supervision, mentoring, spiritual and leadership development training for interns, mentors, campus ministers, and local church supervisors.
  4. Strengthen program’s communication and fundraising capacity

Available positions

Disaster Relief Internship at Coleman Faith UMC

Application deadline: Rolling

Please send a cover letter and resume to Audra Hudson at to apply.

Purpose:  In order to help respond to the missional need of the May 2020 Mid Michigan flooding event on a greater conference level, Coleman Faith UMC would like to host an Encounter MI Call Intern for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Desired Outcome: The Encounter MI call intern will link volunteers to housing and Flood related work. By utilizing outside volunteer groups and coordinating with the Disaster Case Managers for the areas of Midland, Sanford, Saginaw, and Gladwin, the Intern will link able and energetic volunteer groups, the use of our facility and congregational hospitality at Coleman Faith UMC and volunteer opportunities provided from long term Disaster Case Managers.   

The church building at Coleman Faith UMC was built with mission in mind. We have a certified industrial kitchen, multiple restrooms and male and female showers, and a 3344 2ft carpeted fellowship area that can house up to 67 persons with 6 ft distancing, 50 2ft/ person. We are also a majority of our way to funding a backup generator so that we can official become a Red Cross emergency shelter (the only one in the area). We also boast an active Men’s group and congregation who have already been active in the disaster response. By bringing this intern along will add to our missional potency and invite other congregations into service across the greater UMC or church connection.  

Duties: The Intern will work with the area Disaster response managers, listed below, to identify jobs for the flood relief effort.

Anne WortleyMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Midlandawortley@michiganumc.org115 Jerome Street  Midland, MI  48640989-374-8000
Raegan SchultzMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Midlandrschultz@michiganumc.org115 Jerome Street  Midland, MI  48640989-374-8000
Becca MarcottMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Sanfordbmarcott@michiganumc.orgMeridian Elementary  3353 N. M-30   Sanford, MI  48657989-374-8000
Felica Rose-BarryMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Saginawfrosebarry@michiganumc.org111 S. Saginaw Street   Saginaw, MI  48602989-598.3772
Sharon CampbellMI UMC Disaster Case Manager – Gladwinscampbell@michiganumc.org106 Tonkin Street  Beaverton, MI  48612989.598.4315

Duties (cont): They then will assist the disaster Case managers in linking groups with work and finally will coordinate the use of the building with outside groups needing a place to stay with our office Administrator Neila Crowl. Once a group is confirmed the intern will coordinate volunteers from Faith UMC to assist in feeding, and other forms of hospitality for the volunteer group coming in.

Curriculum Planning: Part of the Interns hours will be given to planning out a missional experience for volunteer groups coming. This curriculum could include scheduling presentations from local community members and the problems they face, worship centered around the flooding, as well as the development of a flood centered devotional for groups. While the interns primary focus will be to make connections we also recognize the need and benefit of planning programming in mission work.

Weekly 1 on 1 with Pastor Scott or Pastor Audra: Knowing this program also has a mentoring aspect to it, Pastor Scott (Coleman Faith UMC) will meet with the intern every-other week to help resource them and assist in long term planning. Needs will be addressed as presented by the intern through conversation and book study. Books like “Toxic Charity” [1], “Transforming Power”[2], and “Friendship at the Margins”[3] could be platforms to guide discussion and work. Pastor Audra (Wesley at CMU) will meet with the intern for spiritual formation with other young adults on the weeks when they are not meeting with Pastor Scott. Depending on the number of Encounter MI Call Interns hosted by Wesley at CMU, spiritual formation may occur with other interns or with Wesley at CMU students.

COVID-19 Restrictions: While the majority of this work is organizing and can be done online or with a phone, therefore limiting contact with others, the intern will be required to attend worship as a way to learn and then connect the gifts of this community in this missional response. Organizing work is much smoother when you know the person asking something of you. This connection to the congregation is important. Coleman Faith UMC abides by State and local health orders surrounding social distancing and mask wearing, the intern will be required to do the same.

The intern will also be responsible to coordinate the cleaning of the church space as a group leaves our building. While we will require the volunteer group leaving clean and sanitize areas used the intern will be responsible for the clean up, by checking off a clean up form. We will take our cleaning measures from Church Mutual’s recommendation

Compensation and Hours/week: $10/ hour and 10 hours/ week

Weekly Break down of Hours w/o a Group Present

                        Duty                                                                Number of Hours

Weekly 1 on 1 with Pastor Scott or Pastor Audra1 Hour
Weekly contact with DCM’s3 Hours
Weekly Worship1.5 Hours
Contact with Potential Mission Groups2 hours
Missional curriculum planning/ reading2.5 hours
Total Hours10

Weekly Break Down of Hours w/ a Group Present

Weekly 1 on 1 with Pastor Scott or Pastor Audra1 Hour
Weekly contact with DCM’s2 Hours
Weekly Worship1.5 Hours
Missional Curriculum (Greeting, Talks, Mid-week Worship, Clean Up)4 Hours
Coordinating of Faith UMC members and Potential New Groups1.5 Hours
Total Hours10

[1] Robert D Lupton. Toxic Charity, How Churches and Charities hurt those they help and how to reverse it. (New York: Harper One. 2011). 

[2] Robert Linthicum. Transforming Power, Biblical Strategies for Making a Difference in your Community. ( Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 2003).

[3] Christopher L. Heuertz and Christine D. Pohl. Friendship at the Margins, Discovering Mutuality in Service and Mission. (Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press. 2010).